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All You Need to Know About What is Sexchina

Sexchina is an online basic sex education platform for Chinese youths and young adults. It is designed to provide accurate and honest sex education to the public from all ages and genders. The Sexchina platform addresses topics such as gender, sexual orientation, intimate relationships, fertility, motherhood, and overall health.

Cultural Attitude

In China, sex is still very much a taboo topic and there is often a stigma associated with discussing it openly. As Chinese culture evolves, there is growing pressure to address the topic of sex education more openly and in an accurate manner. Sexchina offers a platform that facilitates this open and honest discussion in the Chinese culture.


Sexchina is on a mission to provide factual and unbiased sex education to the Chinese public, with the goal of creating a safer environment for Chinese youths and young adults to learn about sexual health and relationships. This can reduce the cases of unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted infections, and other complications caused by ignorance of correct sex education.


Sexchina offers different resources and services to help educate its users:

  • Information: Sexchina provides comprehensive information and knowledge about sex, intimate relationships, and sexual health.
  • Videos: Sexchina has educational videos that discuss and educate viewers on a variety of topics such as relationships, sex, and sexual health.
  • E-Courses: Sexchina offers e-courses that cover a range of topics such as sexuality, relationships and sexual health.
  • Online Discussions and Support: The Sexchina platform provides an online community for users to discuss and interact with each other on topics related to sex and relationships.

Sexchina is a great platform for Chinese people to learn about sex in a safe and open space. Through its various services, Sexchina provides accurate and unbiased information, so that its users can make more informed decisions when it comes to their own sexual health and wellbeing.

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